A small group calling themselves Friends of the Rouge National Urban Park have re-constituted themselves as a group to help continue the establishment and operation of ROUGE NATIONAL URBAN PARK as it was agreed to be by the City of Toronto, City of Markham, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada, and community groups and individuals. Third reading in Parliament of Bill C-60, a bill to establish the park,  passed in the House of Commons earlier last year, and has been passed in  the Senate, Royal Assent has  been given!

The Hon. Pauline Browes, the Hon.Peter Kent, the Hon. Michael Chong, all former national Cabinet Ministers with an environmental bent, along with Councillors, Glenn DeBaermaeker, Ron Moeser and former MP Corneliu Chisu are leading a larger group of committed Rouge National Urban Park groups and individual supporters to see this project to its ultimate completion.

One wrinkle in the project is the requirement for the Government of Ontario to turn over to Parks Canada those lands previously committed to this exciting project. The new National Minister of the Environment has assured all that this issue is on its way to being resolved.

In the meantime, the former Prime Minister of Canada announced in early July, 2015  a large addition of 21 square kilometres making the park total 79.5 square kilometres. Earlier, the federal government committed 140 million dollars over 10 years to this unique urban park experience.

for more information please contact:

-The Hon. Pauline Browes, former Minister of State for the Environment-     browes@rogers.com

-Larry Noonan, Environmental Activist and Rouge Hike Leader-


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