Important Court Case lost to Industry Interests



Ontario Nature and Wildlands League is extremely disappointed with an Ontario Divisional Court ruling that upholds  an Ontario Provincial Regulation exempting major industries from the provisions of the Endangered Species Act, and allows these industries to kill species and/or destroy their habitat.

Once the best in species protection a 2013 new Ontario regulation gave pretty much a free pass to kill endangered or threatened species and destroy their habitat ‘ as long as the harm is minimized’! AS LONG AS THE HARM IS MINIMISED? What the H… does this mean?

Potentially affected are the American Eel, Blanding’s Turtle, Lakeside Daisy, Acadian Flycatcher and the seriously threatened Woodland Caribou where these exist.

We should all support Ontario Nature’s effort’s to keep this fight going! Where is this all going to end? What industries are involved? Should we be talking to them if the government won’t listen?


and we will pass this on! Very important!

Painted Turtles

Painted Turtles in Rouge Park

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