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Noonan’s Reflections on Canada 150 at Rouge Park

Mouth of the Rouge River

Geese Lined Up…

Swamp Milkweed

Beare Wetlands at Sunset

oTENTiks at Pearce House welcome__ centre.jpg-1

Canada 150 Bus


Noonan’s July 13th Rouge Hike in The Rouge

Trumpeter Swan

Poison Ivy Fruit

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars


Cedar Waxwing

Noonan’s Wednesday, June 21st Rouge Park Hike

Does anybody know what this is?

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Zombie van at top of page is part of a Walt Disney musical shoot taking place in Rouge Park

Ontario Expected to Transfer Rouge Lands to Rouge National Urban Park


Wednesday, June 14th, Rouge Hike, by Larry Noonan

Dames Rocket

Celandine Fruit

Goats Beard



Hairy Beardtongue

The Hikers

Yellow Hawkweed

Smooth Rose

One Eye Daisy

Damslefly on Leaf

Virginia Waterleaf

Buttercup Sub-species

Wednesday’s, May 24th Rouge Park Wildflower Tour, by Larry Noonan


White Banebury Flower

Wild Ginger Flower



Serviceberry Fruit

Ostrich Fern

May Apple Flower


False Solomon’s Seal



Choke Cherry


Apple Blossoms

Asparagus, early

15 Turtles Taking in the Sun


How do Birds Know When To Migrate?

Audubon has an article by Kenn Kaufman explaining how birds know when to migrate Back in February, unseasonably warm temperatures swept over much of North America, buds began opening on trees, and flowers began to bloom weeks early. Naturally, birders began to ask: Will our migratory birds come back earlier, too? That question doesn’t have […]

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