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Noonan’s January 8th Hike in the Rouge, Beach to Campground


Rouge River

Rouge River

Grand Meander


Noonan’s December 30th Hike in the Rouge

Little Rouge River



Snowman Socially Distanced

Trestle over the Little Rouge

Wildlife Crossing Sign on Finch Avenue East

Beaver on Road

Beaver with Stick

Noonan’s December 23rd Christmas Hike in the Rouge, starting at Pinegrove

Pinegrove Sign

Long Shadows

Pinegrove Map


Another Pond View

Pond Dam

Hungry Beavers

Tree Beavers Cut Down, Sawn Up By Man


Noonan’s November 11th and 18th Hike in the Rouge

Leopard Fro



Beaver Dam

Beaver Cut

Spindle Vine

Burdock with Snow

Noonan’s October 21st Rouge Mast Hill Hike

Maple Leaves in the Rain

Side of Hill

Toward Ski Hill on Mast Trail

Mast Trail Behind Former Ski Chalet

Mast Trail Toward Former Hotel Site

Glen Eagles Vista Trail and Beare Hill, Hiking the Rouge

Glen Eagles View

Glen Eagles Vista Trail View

Beare Hill Summit

Open Field and Trees

South of Twin River Drive

Noonan’s October 14 Hike in the Rouge


Edge of the Trail Near Saddleback

Mounted Police on Saddleback Ridge

Two New Hiking Trails Open in the Rouge National Urban Park

Trail 2

Trail 2

Trail 2

Trail 2 Chipmunk

Trail 2

Trail 3


Trail 3

Trail 3

Beautiful Rouge National Urban Park

Glen Eagles View

Cliff on the East Side of the Valley


Photos by Jan & Larry…

Noonan’s October 7 Hike in Adjacent Bob Hunter Park

No Poaching Crayfish Sign

Well-equipped Hiker at Jan & Bruce’s Bench

Leafy Trail

Nature’s Art