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Noonan’s May 18th Hike in the Rouge

Terry Whittam Memorial Hike on May 11th…

…produced the sightings by members of the hiking group of 40 different bird species, in the Rouge.

Noonan’s April 20th Hike in the Rouge

Noonan’s Wednesday, June 27th Hike in The Rouge…

Beare Wetlands, Common Milkweed

Bladder Campion

Beare Wetlands Dogbane

Beare Wetlands Pond


John’s Wort

Indian Hemp

Beare Wetlands Small Pond

Wild Rose, Beare Wetlands

Noonan’s April 4th Hike in the ROUGE- why not join him any Wednesday!

Beare wetlands pond

Beare wetlands, Bufflehead duck

Cedar Trail, busy beavers

Cedar Trail, field of fire…

Cedar Trail, Dead Man’s Fingers

Ice still in evidence

Twisted poplar

Beare wetlands, beaver lodge

Nest on Cedar Trail

Cedar Trail, crossing Sauriol Creek

Join Larry Noonan and his group of hikers any Wednesday – larrynoonan@rogers.com

Wednesday, June 14th, Rouge Hike, by Larry Noonan

Dames Rocket

Celandine Fruit

Goats Beard



Hairy Beardtongue

The Hikers

Yellow Hawkweed

Smooth Rose

One Eye Daisy

Damslefly on Leaf

Virginia Waterleaf

Buttercup Sub-species