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Noonan’s June 10th Hike

Orchard Trail, Song Sparrow

Beare Wetlands, pond with geese

Beare Wetlands, iris

Beare Wetlands, snapping turtle

Beare Wetlands, unkown bird

Orchard Trail, hairy beardtongue

Orchard Trail, goatsbeard

Orchard Trail Gate

Noonan’s 2nd May 8 Hike in the Rouge

River Reflections

May Apple

Dutchman’s Britches

May Apple


Blue Cohosh

Red Trillium

Noonan’s July 11th Hike in the Rouge!

Water Hemlock

Water Hemlock

Soldier Beetle on Wild Parsnip

Wild Parsnip Look-a-likes

Wild Parsnip and Look-a-likes

Spittle Bug

Male Ebony Jewellwing

Spider with Prey

Dome Spider Web


Hairy Woodpecker

Monarch Butterfly Egg

Chicory Flower

White Campion

Cirsium vulgate spear- Common Thistle

Purple Flowering Raspberry

Fruit Staring, Purple Flowering Raspberry

Wild Grapes

May Apple

Noonan’s Wednesday, June 27th Hike in The Rouge…

Beare Wetlands, Common Milkweed

Bladder Campion

Beare Wetlands Dogbane

Beare Wetlands Pond


John’s Wort

Indian Hemp

Beare Wetlands Small Pond

Wild Rose, Beare Wetlands

A Previous Noonan Hike in ‘the Rouge’…


Dandelion & Dames Rocket

May Apple Blossom

Goat’s Beard

Snapping Turtle

Tiger Tail Butterfly

Noonan’s June 20th Hike ‘The Rouge. Wildflowers from today’s hike.

Curly Dock

Dog strangling vine

Manitoba Maple Flower




Deadly Nightshade


Rouge National Urban Park Boundaries…

…with visitor centre options…

2018 trails

Noonan’s Wednesday, May 2nd Hike in the Rouge!

Vista lookout

Manitoba Maple Flower

Willow Flower

A full pond

Painted Turtles sunning themselves

Zoo workers…

Frog Stare Down!


Blood root

Twin River Bridge

Noonan’s Sept 6th ROUGE Hike

Logs along roadway to discourage parking

Butternut Hickory

Viceroy Butterfly

Heavy Evergreen Cones- hard winter?

Noonan’s August 30th ROUGE Hike

Himalayan Balsam



Joe Pye Weed


Bee on Boneset

Big Hill

River Lowest in Some Time

Late Summer River