Early Peoples’ Activity in The Rouge Valley

T Noonan 4

There has been longstanding human activity in the Rouge Valley with 31 Archaic sites identified, 8 Initial Woodland Period burial sites and two National Historic Sites- ‘TORONTO CARRYING PLACE, connecting Lake Ontario with Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay; BEAD HILL, a historic Seneca village.

The area was early visited by Champlain, Pere Marquette and Joliet (who prepared a map in 1680 where the name Toronto first appeared) : around 1669 a Catholic mission was established at the mouth of the Rouge.

Many of the historic sites in the designated Rouge National Urban Park are now off limits as considerable protection is required against theft of artifacts and vandalism.

But great improvement and management of these assets will surely follow as the Rouge Park system gets into its stride.

Rouge National Urban Park is a great place to visit, to hike, to sightsee, to experience a significant degree of ‘wilderness’…

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