York Region Federation of Agriculture Supports Rouge Park

The York Region Federation of Agriculture is critical of the Ontario Provincial Government and wants that government to transfer the previously-agreed upon lands belonging to the Province to the Federal Government and Parks Canada without delay…

The Federation further states it is disappointed with the Ontario government in this regard and wants the government to support the Park without amendments to Bill C-40.

There are 7500 acres of Class 1 farmland within the eventual boundaries of  Rouge National Urban Park that the Federation wants protected as per the plans put forward by Parks Canada.

The Senate of Canada hearings on Bill C-40 (the Act to create the Park) have concluded and it is hoped third reading of the bill in the Senate can take place within the next few weeks.

The orderly transfer of the Province’s lands without any new conditions would basically complete the package and allow Parks Canada to continue to plan for a dynamic Urban Park with a significant agricultural component.

For more information on the York Region Federation of Agriculture’s position contact: york@ofa.on.ca



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