A small but very active committee calling themselves Friends Of  Rouge National Urban Park, which includes former government of Canada Cabinet Ministers, people who have been involved with Rouge Park Alliance, environmental activists, park users and hikers, have established this web site to help work toward the fulfillment of a long held dream to see the establishment of Canada’s first urban national park in the Rouge watershed in the Cities of Toronto and Markham, Ontario, Canada.

We expect third and final reading of Bill C-40, the act to create this park, to be read in the Senate in the next few weeks- then only Royal Assent is required for the park to become a reality in law.

Parks Canada has already assumed control of the Federally-owned lands associated with the park site. In the meantime there are still a few hurdles to jump in terms of the other lands required for the final assembly of the project. We are looking for people interested in this historic project who want to help, people from particularly but not limited to the former borough of Scarborough, the City of Markham and the Town of Pickering.

If you do want to be part of this historic environmentally-related project, or comment on it, send us an email to:

Thank you from all of us…



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