Rouge Park Hike on the Mast Trail presents flowering promises

We were delighted by the spring sprouts and growth of the upcoming season’s promised wildflower spectacular. The TRILLIUM, Ontario’s official flower, are just starting to develop their flowers. HERB ROBERT, a geranium family member, also called Red Robin, was earlier used to treat toothaches and nosebleeds but no longer recommended as a treatment.

BLUE COHOSH leaves are purplish blue, also called Squaw Root or Papoose, blue berry-like fruits not out yet. CELANDINE has yellow flowers and was mentioned by Roman Historian Pliny for its  medicinal purposes, still popular in Russia where it is used to treat certain kinds of cancer.

MAY APPLE is a herbaceous perennial flowering typically in May. TROUT LILY is a spring flower. HEPATICA (Medieval Latin for Liverwort) is in the Buttercup family sometimes used as an astringent to help to heal injuries, but not recommended for any medicinal use today.

GARLIC MUSTARD is an invasive herb native to Europe. It is edible and vaguely smells and tastes like garlic- sometimes used in salads…

…these and many other plant and wildflower varieties can be seen on any hike through the trails of Rouge Park. Photos of each of these can be seen on the previous posting.

Larry Noonan


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