Parks Canada have taken more action in the Rouge in a few short weeks than Ontario has in the last 30 years!

Current restoration projects include activities to restore aquatic and riparian ecosystems in the part of the Park now managed by Parks Canada and does not include the Rouge lands and waterways still controlled by the Ontario Government due to Premier Wynn’s refusal to live up to the agreement that government signed on January 26, 2013.

The restoration work is in the portion of the Urban Park in Markham and is being done in concert with the Rouge National Urban Park farming community.

If you are in support of the Parks Canada protections and restoration projects and that they should apply to the whole of the Rouge Park area ask the premier to live up to the agreement and commitment previously signed to transfer the provincial portions of the park lands forthwith.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:Larry Noonan- 905-420-8696, Hon. Pauline Browes- 416-439-1437

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