Two New Hiking Trails Open in the Rouge National Urban Park

Trail 2

Trail 2

Trail 2

Trail 2 Chipmunk

Trail 2

Trail 3


Trail 3

Trail 3

Beautiful Rouge National Urban Park

Glen Eagles View

Cliff on the East Side of the Valley


Photos by Jan & Larry…

Noonan’s October 7 Hike in Adjacent Bob Hunter Park

No Poaching Crayfish Sign

Well-equipped Hiker at Jan & Bruce’s Bench

Leafy Trail

Nature’s Art

Noonan’s September 30th Hike in the Rouge…

Painted Turtles


Part of the Group

Tagged Swan

Beare Wetlands

Noonan’s September 23 Mast Trail Hike

jerusalem Artichoke

Mast Trail Hikers

Noonan’s June 17th Hike in the Rouge…

The Hikers

Red Clover

Reesor Day Stage

Woodland Trail, angelica

Woodland Trail, erosion

Woodland Trail, ostrich fern

Woodland Trail, purple flowering raspberry

Woodland Trail, anenome

Beare Hill parking lot


Reesor Farm field

Reesor Farm, eastern phoebe

Reesor Farm, flycatcher?

Busy nest

Male & Female


Woodland trail, sycamore

Noonan’s June 10th Hike

Orchard Trail, Song Sparrow

Beare Wetlands, pond with geese

Beare Wetlands, iris

Beare Wetlands, snapping turtle

Beare Wetlands, unkown bird

Orchard Trail, hairy beardtongue

Orchard Trail, goatsbeard

Orchard Trail Gate

Noonan’s May 27th Hike in the Rouge

Yellow Warbler

Gold Finch Male

Cedar Waxwing


Painted Turtle

Gold Finch with dandelion seed

Unknown Bird

Eastern Kingbird

Tree Swallows

Green Frog Female


Cardinal Female


Beare Wetlands

Beare Wetlands

Noonan’s May 20th Hike in the Rouge

Killdeer in flight

Baltimore Oriole

Gold Finch

Female Gold Finch

Mystery Bird?

Yellow Warbler

Tree Swallow

Turkey Vulture

Ring Billed Gull

Painted Turtles

Morning Cloak Butterfly

Goldfinch with seed in beak


Noonan’s Tuesday, May 5/20 Hike the Rouge

Double-Crested Cormorant

Tern in Flight

Cliff Swallows