Last Wednesday’s Rouge Park Bird Hike- 3rd annual!

Cardinals at odds

Cedar Waxwing

Cow Birds

Deer off the trail


Yellow Warbler

Baltimore Oriole

Red Wing Blackbird


Tree Swallow

Mute Swan


Yellow Warbler



Noonan’s Wednesday, May 2nd Hike in the Rouge!

Vista lookout

Manitoba Maple Flower

Willow Flower

A full pond

Painted Turtles sunning themselves

Zoo workers…

Frog Stare Down!


Blood root

Twin River Bridge

Noonan’s Saturday, April 28th Rouge Hike…

Vultures over Beare Road


Beare Wetlands



Beare Rd Joggers


Noonan’s April 25th Hike in the Rouge!

Near CN trestle

Beaver cut, almost completed

Large broken tree fall onto the trail

Woodland lichen

Woodland Bracket Fungus

Woodland pond


Fallen cedar and swept up life ring

Noonan’s April 18th Hike in THE ROUGE

‘All Aboard’, CN rail line through park- delivering new streetcar to TTC

River Torrent

Turkey tracks in the snow


Lower pond

Little Rouge from orchard…

Little Rouge

Rouge River sweeping meander

Little Rouge, Twyn Rivers bridge

Noonan’s April 4th Hike in the ROUGE- why not join him any Wednesday!

Beare wetlands pond

Beare wetlands, Bufflehead duck

Cedar Trail, busy beavers

Cedar Trail, field of fire…

Cedar Trail, Dead Man’s Fingers

Ice still in evidence

Twisted poplar

Beare wetlands, beaver lodge

Nest on Cedar Trail

Cedar Trail, crossing Sauriol Creek

Join Larry Noonan and his group of hikers any Wednesday –

Noonan’s Weekly Hike on Wednesday, March 28 in THE ROUGE

Chipmunks are out- sure sign of spring

Trumpeter Swans

Great Blue Heron with Geese

Shore Wave, Lake Ontario front of Park