Noonan’s March 30th Hike on the Mast & Riverside Trails in the Rouge

Noonan’s March 23 Hike in Bob Hunter Park

Noonan’s March 16th Hike on Old Military Trail & Pickering Harbour Hotel Trail, in the Rouge

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Noonan’s Woodland Hike March 9 –ICE BREAKING UP, HUGE JAMS

Noonan’s March 3rd Hike — Morningside Park/Highland Creek

Noonan’s February 23 Cedar Trail Hike in the Rouge

Noonan’s Group Hike in the Rouge on February 16th

Noonan’s February 9th Hike on Mast Trail

House Finches

Woodpecker Holes

Noonan’s January 25 Hike on Cecil White Lagoon

Noonan’s January 12 Hike in the Rouge, Tracking…