Noonan’s Group Hike in the Rouge on February 16th

Noonan’s February 9th Hike on Mast Trail

House Finches

Woodpecker Holes

Noonan’s January 25 Hike on Cecil White Lagoon

Noonan’s January 12 Hike in the Rouge, Tracking…

Noonan’s January 5 Hike the Rouge

Noonan’s Wednesday, July 7th Hike in the Rouge


Ebony Jewelwing

Noonan’s June 30th Rouge Beach Hike

Jan and Gull

Noonan’s June 23rd Hike in Orchard Vista, Rouge Park

Smooth Brome Grass

Noonan’s June 16th Hike in the Rouge

Bind Weed


Noonan’s June 9th Hike ‘the Rouge’

Fluffy dust lichen