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Join in FROG WATCH at Rouge National Urban Park

In partnership with the Toronto Zoo Rouge National Urban Park is conducting its annual frog count in the ponds and streams of Rouge Park.

Thursday, April 27

Thursday, May 25

Thursday, June 29

If you want to become involved in this project contact rouge@pc.gc.ca for details. Space is limited so make your application early.

Last Saturday’s hike through ROUGE PARK- Larry Noonan

Noonan saturday 1noonan Saturday 2Noonan Saturday 3Noonan Saturday 4

The ice and snow are clearing fast. Soon will come green, then wildflowers of every kind!

7th Annual Frog Watch at Rouge National Urban Park

rouge frog campaign

Parks Canada is inviting you to join the 7th Annual Rouge Frog Watch, April 28, May 26, June 23 in concert with the Metro Zoo. An interesting exercise visiting many of the wetlands in the Rouge watershed, gathering important information on the many and varied frog species.

Space is limited so act soon…

…for information contact  rouge@pc.gc.ca