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Supporting the Completion of Rouge National Urban Park

Controversy still surrounds the continued unwillingness of the Ontario Provincial Government to honour its commitment to transfer the Ontario-owned Rouge Park lands to the Parks Canada Rouge National Urban Park program.

It is an absolute that  environmental protection under Parks Canada is and will be far superior to anything the province is able or prepared to do (essentially nothing at this point-in-time).

Parks Canada has a world-wide reputation for public lands protection and many other jurisdictions use Parks Canada standards as a benchmark for their own!

The lands already formally part of Rouge National Urban Park are already being re-habilitated, and protected from poaching, vandalism and other misuses. And the Class 1 farmlands within the Park boundaries are guaranteed protection from development and other undesirable purposes. These will continue to be farmlands!

We should all ask our Provincial representative why is the Province stalling on honouring its commitment…or call Premier Wynne to ask her directly…416-325-1941, or kwynne.mpp@liberal.ola.org