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Noonan’s Hike in the Rouge Park Yesterday

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Yesterday’s hikers in the old √≥rchard’ area saw a turkey vulture, bufflehead duck, Canada Goose and Red Wing Blackbird.

If you wish to join in these weekly hikes email roougenationalurbanparknow@gmail.com

Noonan’s Wednesday Hike,April 15/15 in Rouge Park

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This hike was on Cedar Hill in the Rouge. The first flowers of spring were hepatica and coltsfoot. A garter snake resting in the sun did not move when we came upon it. Many birds were in evidence including swallows, robins, hawk, turkey vulture, chickadees, trumpet swans, geese, bufflehead, ducks, redwinged blackbirds, and more. There were fish attempting the rapids.

Lots to see now that spring has finally arrived…around the Rouge River and Little Rouge River.

Reminder that there is a hike to the Beaver Ponds in Altona Forest 9AM this Saturday. Meeting place is the entrance on the west side of Autumn Cres. at the intersection with Foxwood Trail.

goo.gl/RmJRGN is the link for conducted tours in the Rouge.

Larry Noonan