Will Rouge Park farmers see a change in their fortunes?

Three new park area Scarborough and Markham Liberal MP’s will meet to discuss aspects of the new Rouge National Urban Park. Gary Anandasangaree, MP for Scarborough Rouge River said ‘ We’ll work hard to get the full dream that Rouge really was’.

Park farmer leasees may have some worries as their long-time champion, defeated MP Paul Calandra won’t be around to offer his usually supportive voice.

Lets all support the new area MP’s efforts to work towards a realistic, positive and rapid completion of this major unique national park concept…

Previously, a few park proponents got caught up in irrelevant and non-applicable terminologies, thereby slowing down the whole park development process.

Let’s wish them all God speed and good luck in their proceedings…

…look forward to seeing  you all on the trails in the Rouge!

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