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Some Events in the Rouge- Parks Canada


Grey Tree Frog in the Rouge

gray tree fr on recorder_S

Grey Tree frog sitting on a ‘frog sound recorder’.

Beare Wetlands, Rouge Park

Geese family 20150603_094040-2 (4)_s

Grey Tree Frog in an actual tree

Grey Tree Frog in an actual tree

G,rey Tree Frog, with fly hitching a ride

G,rey Tree Frog, with fly hitching a ride

snapping turtle laying eggs beside trail

snapping turtle laying eggs beside trail

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

Sunset in Beare Wetlands- Photos by Larry Noonan

Sunset in Beare Wetlands- Photos by Larry Noonan

Noonan Hikes the Rouge, May 27th…

...and Peter paddles

…and Peter paddles

Jan being swallowed by the fern field...

Jan being swallowed by the fern field…

Old Man River...

Old Man River…

Noonan Hikes 2 fiddle head 20150527_105747 (3)

...more fiddlehead

…more fiddlehead

Dryads fungus

Dryads fungus

frogs of the future...

frogs of the future…

John pondering the river...

John pondering the river…

Red Tail

Red Tail

Red Wing

Red Wing



Noonan Hikes River 20150527_100659


Hike to Altona Panhandle forest- ROUGE PARK

Nonnan RW BlackbirdNoonan Beaver pondNoonan painted turtleNoonan flicker

Larry Noonan’s hike this past Saturday attracted 25 people to the Altona Panhandle Forest in the Rouge. They came across two beaver ponds replete with beaver, several bird species including a flicker, a painted turtle…

In a third pond they saw goldfish, presumably dumped there by a well meaning person…but this doesn’t do much good as the goldfish in a small pond eat the frog eggs and tadpoles ultimately eliminating these from the pond.


Noonan  woods Feb 15

*Provide targets for restoration in the Rouge watershed

*Restore native ecosystems everywhere possible and practical in the Park

*Reintroduce endangered native species that are no longer evident

*Establish natural resources monitoring and reporting systems

*Protect the Class 1 farm acreages in Rouge Park

*Protect and preserve the cultural and heritage sites found in the valley

*Stop illegal dumping, poaching, vandalism and heritage site destruction and abuse

Rouge National Urban Park- restoring ecosystems!

Minolta DSC

PARKS CANADA is committed to restoring native ecosystems in the Rouge. They are currently working on projects with municipalities, environmental groups and local farmers in a number of areas.

The reintroduction of endangered turtle species, creating easier access for wildlife to cross roads and wetland improvement are just some of the current ecosystem activities.

Last Saturday’s hike through ROUGE PARK- Larry Noonan

Noonan saturday 1noonan Saturday 2Noonan Saturday 3Noonan Saturday 4

The ice and snow are clearing fast. Soon will come green, then wildflowers of every kind!

7th Annual Frog Watch at Rouge National Urban Park

rouge frog campaign

Parks Canada is inviting you to join the 7th Annual Rouge Frog Watch, April 28, May 26, June 23 in concert with the Metro Zoo. An interesting exercise visiting many of the wetlands in the Rouge watershed, gathering important information on the many and varied frog species.

Space is limited so act soon…

…for information contact