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Noonan’s Februry 17th Hike in the Rouge

The Hikers

Barry’s Map of the Route

Lake Ontario

Noonan’s February 3 Hike in the Rouge


Knarly Tree


House Finch

Ice Thickness


River Ice

BOARDWALK PRESENTATION, from Friends of the Rouge National Urban Park

Boarcdwalk presentation no animations V Jan 14

Noonan’s January 27th Hike in the Rouge

Pearse House

Beare Road

Lower Pond

River Ice


River Ice

Birch Clump Overlooking River

Rouge River from Lookout

Coyote Tracks

Fox Tracks

Finished Zoo Biomass Facility

Hockey on Amos Pond

Amos Pond , West End, beaver trail connection

Noonan’s January 13th Hike in the Rouge

Mp of Area with GPS references


Old Hotel Ruin

Rouge River

Social Trail to Dock

Tree hole Nest

Close to the Edge

Osprey Nest

Go Train

Skate & Boot Tracks

Whit Pine Growth Near Top

Rouge River

Noonan’s December 30th Hike in the Rouge

Little Rouge River



Snowman Socially Distanced

Trestle over the Little Rouge

Wildlife Crossing Sign on Finch Avenue East

Beaver on Road

Beaver with Stick

Noonan’s December 23rd Christmas Hike in the Rouge, starting at Pinegrove

Pinegrove Sign

Long Shadows

Pinegrove Map


Another Pond View

Pond Dam

Hungry Beavers

Tree Beavers Cut Down, Sawn Up By Man


Noonan’s DECEMBER 9TH Hike in the Rouge, Orchard and Vista Trails

Pearce House

Pond with Snow and Ice

Snow Geese on Pond

Valley View

River Ice

Hikers at Rest

Lunch Stop

Goldfinch at Feeder

Toboggan Run