Coyotes in Rouge Park…?

Eastern Coyotes living in nearby Altona Forest can easily move into Rouge National Urban Park or any other adjacent area…

Check out the attached video from Jay & Natasha.



2 responses to “Coyotes in Rouge Park…?

  1. I’m confused by the ‘?’
    Are you questioning if there are coyotes in Rouge National Park? Of course there are: in fact, the coyotes seen in Altona Forest are often spotted near the hydro corridor area – where they enter from the Rouge route. This is good for their health and genetic diversity because Altona is a small area and left as an ‘island of green’ enclosed in now-suburbia. Coyotes are a sign of a healthy ecosystem – no system is complete without an apex predator and they rid the area of excess rodent populations, carrion, and maintain balance.

    Check out Suzuki’s docu on it:

    PS Video was created by Joe


    • The ? was just to get people on the page. However, I’m always surprised at the number of people who don’t know about the omnipresence of this near-wolf.

      I had previously seen the Suzuki docu…


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