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Rouge National Urban Park- Environmental integrity?

Rouge Pk MapSome Rouge Park proponents are stumbling over the term ‘environmental integrity’ as it applies to the current Rouge Park. The term is generally understood to  mean land virtually untouched or unmarked by humankind and these-thinking proponents ignore the fact that Rouge National Urban Park cannot possibly  be considered as úntouched’,   particularly when one considers that the earliest North Americans  have been treading on the land in the Rouge Valley for some 10,000 tears, regularly leaving their mark: such as with organized burial sites,  evidence of campsites, as a carrying place from Lake Ontario north,  and the like. Today there are three rail lines crossing the park area, many roads and a corridor of hydro lines- don’t forget the more modern settlement efforts starting in the early 180o’s, many of these dwellings still being utilized.

But although the valley has been ‘touched’ regularly and many times, there are still 1700 species of plants, fish, birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. Did I mention salmon? And some good farmland, too!

It is still wild down there in the valley! Hence our usage of the term ‘Wild in the City’ as it applies to the Rouge. In the City it is, but you wouldn’t know it when you are  down deep in there. When the Arctic Wolves escaped their pen at the Metro Zoo (surrounded by the park) a number of years ago they were quite happy to remain in the valley until re-captured. You can’t fool a wolf. It is still wild in the valley!


Will Rouge Park farmers see a change in their fortunes?

Three new park area Scarborough and Markham Liberal MP’s will meet to discuss aspects of the new Rouge National Urban Park. Gary Anandasangaree, MP for Scarborough Rouge River said ‘ We’ll work hard to get the full dream that Rouge really was’.

Park farmer leasees may have some worries as their long-time champion, defeated MP Paul Calandra won’t be around to offer his usually supportive voice.

Lets all support the new area MP’s efforts to work towards a realistic, positive and rapid completion of this major unique national park concept…

Previously, a few park proponents got caught up in irrelevant and non-applicable terminologies, thereby slowing down the whole park development process.

Let’s wish them all God speed and good luck in their proceedings…

…look forward to seeing  you all on the trails in the Rouge!

Another $26.8 million for Rouge National Urban Park…

The Canadian Government has committed an additional $26.8 million for the Rouge after announcing the transfer of an additional 5200 acres from the former Pickering airport lands. This is added to the already committed to $142 million federal government funds for the development of the new Rouge National Urban Park over the next 10 years.

All that is left to complete the planned park is for the Ontario Government to live up to their signed commitment to transfer those adjacent provincial lands to Parks Canada so that the entire new park system can be managed to the highest park and environmental standards that Parks Canada is famous world-wide for…

Protected, too, are those  Class 1 agricultural lands found within the Park boundaries, these to be operated to the highest possible and practical standards.

Baltimore Checkerspot

Baltimore Checkerspot

New Map Showing Increase in Rouge National Park Boundary

Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, announced recently the addition of 5200 additional acres to be added on to the current park boundary outline.

Rouge Pk Map

for a larger map view click

Metroland Media Covers Rouge Park Expansion Announcement

re Prime Minister adds thousands of acres to Rouge National Urban Park

Canada’s PM announces huge expansion to Rouge National Urban Park–harper-announces-expansion-of-rouge-national-urban-park/Noonan Hikes River 20150527_100659

City of Toronto approves Rouge Draft Management Plan


Toronto Draft Management plan