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Noonan’s July 13th Rouge Hike in The Rouge

Trumpeter Swan

Poison Ivy Fruit

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars


Cedar Waxwing


Ontario Expected to Transfer Rouge Lands to Rouge National Urban Park


Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker in Altona Forest

The unique flicker photographs were sent to Larry Noonan by a forest visitor for us to share. Great shots, and thank you!

How do Birds Know When To Migrate?

Audubon has an article by Kenn Kaufman explaining how birds know when to migrate Back in February, unseasonably warm temperatures swept over much of North America, buds began opening on trees, and flowers began to bloom weeks early. Naturally, birders began to ask: Will our migratory birds come back earlier, too? That question doesn’t have […]

via How Do Birds Know When To Migrate? — Natural History Wanderings

March 19th Hike in the Rouge, with Larry Noonan and Group

Bufflehead Ducks

Geese Reflections

The Hikers

IT Intro Filmed Here

Balancing Act

Red Wing Blackbird

Woodpecker Sap Sucker Holes


Pileated Woodpecker holes

Pileated Woodpecker holes

These peckers must have been hungry!

International Migratory Bird Day- MAY 13/17

Participate with the Toronto Zoo & Parks Canada (Rouge National Urban Park) on International Migratory Bird Day, Saturday, May 13, 2017 in one of several bird-related programs:

CONTACT-      -416-392-5960

or- Parks Canada-



March 29th Hike in the Rouge with Larry Noonan

Turkey Feather Mushroom

Blue Heron

The Hikers

Burled Willow

Rouge River

Signs of Former Human Habitation

Rouge River

Angry Garter Snake

…the Heron Again.