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Launch of Park’s Canada 2018 Season at ROUGE NATIONAL URBAN PARK

INV – Rouge NUP Season Opening Echo Annt

New Rouge National Park Addition!

The Ontario government belatedly announced the transfer of some of the previously committed to provincial lands on Saturday, October 21 in a brief ceremony! This new announcement transferred 6.5 square KM to the new Parks Canada urban national park.

MPP Ted Arnott was critical that the government had not yet transferred the remaining 15 square KM as per the previous agreement between the Federal and Provincial governments, the provincial Liberal government stating that this transfer will be announced at a later date.

Slowly but surely Rouge National Urban Park project marches toward completion, but it looks like there is still a way to go before a full appreciation of what this unique Canadian National Park can be.

Larry Noonan Takes Senator Oh on a Tour…

…of the southern part of what will become Rouge National Urban Park.

The Senator has spoken aggressively on behalf of and has championed the’Park’ cause in Ottawa…

Read the debate surrounding the Amendment to the Rouge National Urban Park Act…


Check with the House of Commons Hansard service and read the debate transcript from November 24 re the various changes and amendments to the above-mentioned.



(Check -view all updates -on the above site)

Noonan’s Fall Hike- Wherever you look there is amazing colour!


Governments finally announce land transfer…

…to the new Rouge National Urban Park by Province of Ontario to honour earlier agreement at last! Whoopie!