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Parks Canada has begun or completed 15 conservation and restoration projects in 2015. In a complex partnership with the Rouge Park farming community, 1st Nations, community and conservation groups Parks Canada worked

Male Tree Swallow

Male Tree Swallow

to enhance the aquatic and land habitat, involving in part the 4 tributaries to Little Rouge Creek, restoring wetlands where they previously existed. Seven areas are being re-naturalized with native trees and shrubs with plantings having been done by up to 400 school students planting 3000 trees and shrubs.

Some of this 2015 activity will more than than double the area of wetlands and streamside habitats.

Twenty-one baby Blanding turtles raised by the Toronto Zoo have been transplanted to a park pond; this is in addition to previous Blanding stockings in 2014.

The Park Blanding population may have been as low as 6 single individuals prior to the re-stockings.

Other programs last year included ‘Hoot & Howl’, ‘Frog Watch’, ‘Winter Bird Count’ and many, many more…

Toronto Region Conservation Authority Winter Hike Schedule


Below are two links to TCRA hikes and upcoming hikes in the Altoona Forest. Our next hike is the Hoot & Howl on Wednesday, February 3.  If you are interested please sign up quickly as space fills up.

It is usually pretty cold on our Hoot & Howls as we are in the open for much of the hike and exposed to any cold winds. If dressed properly for the weather you will enjoy it, but please do not sign up unless you are serious about attending as there are usually more people signing up than we have spaces for.

Check it out!

Larry Noonan

Hiking the Rouge, January 13th, 2016

Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow...

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

They are a hardy bunch aren't they...

They are a hardy bunch aren’t they…photos by hike leader Larry Noonan

A ridge too far...

A ridge too far…

...a winter wonderland

…a winter wonderland

NOONAN’s December 30th Rouge Park Hike

Poison Ivy Berries

Poison Ivy Berries

NN6______river scene20151230_103501_s-2

Racoon tracks in the snow

Racoon tracks in the snow

Rabbit tracks in the snow

Rabbit tracks in the snow

_NN4_____river scene 220151230_110100_s-1

Deer tracks in the snow

Deer tracks in the snow


Busy Beavers-Noonan’s December 16 Rouge Park hike

Noon 1 _20151216_113111JN (29)_sbeaver cut

An Albino Mallard

An Albino Mallard

Salmon Heading Upstream

Salmon Heading Upstream

Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam

Noon 5 _20151216_113111JN (11)_s pan of damNoon 6 _20151216_113111JN (12)_sbeaver cut2


LNoonan 09_Killdeer 20150916_LN (4)_s

Sign up if you want to join in with Parks Canada/Toronto Zoo re Rouge  13th Annual Bird Count, January 1oth-

Domestic Cats Take Their Toll…

According to a recent study in the United States domestic cats kill 684 million birds and 1.2 billion mammals per year in that country.

The study found that brightly coloured cat collars helped give the birds a little more early warning from a stalking cat. Inside’ cats posed no threat to anything outside.

Read the whole story in Conservation Magazine!