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Hiking the Rouge, January 13th, 2016

Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow...

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

They are a hardy bunch aren't they...

They are a hardy bunch aren’t they…photos by hike leader Larry Noonan

A ridge too far...

A ridge too far…

...a winter wonderland

…a winter wonderland

Noonan’s Weekly Hike in the Rouge

Kite wire removal...

Kite wire removal…

Fungus in mid-December

Fungus in mid-December

Partially drained pond at dam end.

Partially drained pond at dam end…

Pond in Beare Wetlands

… in Beare Wetlands

Careless kite flyers should remove their kite wire, as these hikers last week did after finding this strung between trees at a height dangerous for birds.

The Beare wetlands pond was partially drained for inspection…

Photos by hike leader Larry Noonan

Coyotes in Rouge Park…?

Eastern Coyotes living in nearby Altona Forest can easily move into Rouge National Urban Park or any other adjacent area…

Check out the attached video from Jay & Natasha.



Question of the Minister in the Ontario Legislature re holding up Rouge Park

NR – Ontario Government Needs to Rouge Arnott Stop Holding up Creation of Rouge Natio…

From Friends of Rouge Park to Minister McKenna

Rouge Minister McKenna Rouge National Urban Park – Letter to Hon. Catherine McKenna Nov. 2015



The Swollen Rouge

The Swollen Rouge


A letter from Friends of Rouge National Urban Park

Roug Pk letter to Minister- Nov 19

Will Rouge Park farmers see a change in their fortunes?

Three new park area Scarborough and Markham Liberal MP’s will meet to discuss aspects of the new Rouge National Urban Park. Gary Anandasangaree, MP for Scarborough Rouge River said ‘ We’ll work hard to get the full dream that Rouge really was’.

Park farmer leasees may have some worries as their long-time champion, defeated MP Paul Calandra won’t be around to offer his usually supportive voice.

Lets all support the new area MP’s efforts to work towards a realistic, positive and rapid completion of this major unique national park concept…

Previously, a few park proponents got caught up in irrelevant and non-applicable terminologies, thereby slowing down the whole park development process.

Let’s wish them all God speed and good luck in their proceedings…

…look forward to seeing  you all on the trails in the Rouge!

Encouraging News Re Completion of the ROUGE NATIONAL PARK

With the Canadian National Election  dust settling it appears that the following statement contained in the Liberal Party election platform- ” We will also complete the necessary agreement with the Ontario Government to finalize the creation of the country’s first urban National Park, ROUGE NATIONAL PARK”– is bringing comfort to those many, many Rouge Park project supporters.

Also, Ontario Cabinet Minister, Brad Duguid, responsible for the transfer of provincial lands to fulfill a previously signed agreement with Parks Canada and the Federal Government said as soon as the (Federal) environment Minister is chosen the province will join an effort to turn the park, which the previous government created through legislation, into what it should be. ‘In the coming weeks we’ll be starting that work”. he said, according to the Scarbough Mirror.N4colours20151007_102414_s


Rainy Woodland Hike

Rainy Woodland Hike

Beaver Still Hard At Work

Beaver Still Hard At Work

Lots of Water Everywhere

Lots of Water Everywhere

The Swollen Rouge

The Swollen Rouge

Beaver Still Hard at Work

Salmon in the Rouge on the way to spawn

N7Salmon 20151007_105816_1_sN8Salmon 20151007_110815_sN9salmon 20151007_111634_2_s